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If you need high-strength chemicals to clean your equipment or machines, you’re welcome to view our comprehensive range of products today.

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30+ Years of serving you

Clean 85 has been operating since 1985; we’ve only improved our service and grown as a business in the years since. We have an endless commitment to making sure you get high-strength cleaning chemicals that suit your unique needs, no matter which sector you happen to be a part of. Tuscaloosa businesses of all kinds have seen the benefits of our products and equipment, alongside our ability to meet and exceed our own high standards.

Residential, Commercial, & Industrial

We have residential, commercial, and industrial clients who all benefit from our unique cleaning approach; this level of flexibility is at the core of our innovative service. The Clean 85 team understands that different settings have their own requirements, so we always work alongside you to find the appropriate solution. Collaboration is an important part of every job we take on and allows us to easily identify the best chemical for any setting or surface.


We specialize in a wide range of cleaning products and pressure washers that suit plenty of different tasks and environments, alongside additional maintenance services. Our products and services include:


Pressure Washing Chemicals

At Clean 85, we provide pressure washing chemicals that can easily remove dirt and grime from your property or equipment. A high-pressure water solution combined with various additives is usually the best course of action when you need a deep clean – and we can provide you with everything you’ll need for this.


Pressure Washing Equipment & Accessories

We stock high-quality pressure washers and accessories to help those looking for an effective deep clean. We also offer rental services for those who need occasional use of the equipment. Whether you need a one-time pressure wash or require ongoing services, we have the perfect pressure washing solution for you.


Automotive Cleaning Chemicals

Our range of automotive cleaning products provide superior car care. They're essential for any car needing a deep clean, or anyone looking to start a car-cleaning business. We can help you achieve that perfect sparkle, quickly and effectively restoring your vehicle to showroom condition.


Cooking Equipment Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning your kitchen equipment is essential to maintaining great tasting food and a safe cooking space. Clean 85 is the perfect solution for keeping machines in the hospitality sector, or even in a home kitchen, in the best condition. Our chemicals are designed to clean, sanitize and protect both the appearance and operation of all cooking equipment.


Pressure Washing Service & Repairs

We provide servicing and repair for all kinds of pressure washers. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge needed to spot any faults or issues that may be present and solve them quickly. So whether you have a pressure washer that you purchased from us or elsewhere, we can make sure it's always well-maintained and up to date.

Our Bestsellers

Check out our bestsellers at Clean 85 and discover the latest products that everyone is loving!


We are proud to work with a wide variety of partners and clients.


Clean 85 is a chemical distributor that specializes in meeting the needs of clients across any industry; our focus is on uniting each one of our partners with the right cleaning chemicals. We can also provide you with cleaning equipment to make use of these chemicals – and are happy to service your pressure washers if they encounter any issues. With decades of experience in chemical cleaning, you can trust us to deliver a high-quality solution.

Cleaning Chemicals


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